project life – weeks 34 & 35

week 34 sneak

Welcome to Project Life – Weeks 34 & 35!
The end of summer vacation and the start of school. These weeks included a new bike for Lance, an awesome fishing adventure, a family trip to the water park (check, on another summer bucket list item!) relatives in town from California and the start of 4th grade. Entering into fall. I love the routine, but truth be told, I miss my little buddy around here. Settling into the new everyday normal. And it’s good. It’s all good.

The full 2 page spread for week 34. You can click on the photograph for a clearer image.
week 34

And each individual side.
week 34 L
week 34 R

And week 35, the full 2 page spread and each individual side.
week 35 web

week 35 L web
week 35 R web

The kit I used in both these weeks is the Midnight Edition. The core products I use in my Project Life albums can be found here. Project Life was created by Becky Higgins. You can find out all about this awesome approach to memory keeping here.

2 thoughts on “project life – weeks 34 & 35

  1. You’ll most certainly have a beautiful, visual journal of your summer bucket list. FUN!

    I cannot tell you how good it is to see and read about one young man enjoying his educational experience given the many negative images and commentary plastered across social/public media. I think it’s awesome that he’s excited about riding the school bus and that the stop is so very near your home. Here’s to a fabulous school year and new adventures in learning, from the classroom to this place we call Earth!

  2. I’m so excited to see you in blogland. I can’t believe I missed that you have been posting – I’ve been absent for a few months….ever since Google Reader left 😦 I’m ready to get re-connected and catch up with you and your beautiful family. Love your PL commitment and those beautiful smiles.

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