our summer bucket list


I’ve held on as long as possible. I always do. People say summer is over when the new school year starts. Or maybe after Labor Day weekend. I was saying, no summer’s not over until the first official day of fall. September 22nd rolled around, the temperatures were still in the 90’s. It doesn’t feel like fall, it feels like summer!

Now the calendar has turned to October. October! How did that happen? The temperatures are in the 40’s and it’s time to greet autumn with open arms.

I’ll celebrate one last bit of summer sharing our summer bucket list.

Back in late spring as a family we brainstormed activities, adventures, ideas. We went back through our brainstorming list and each of us gave each idea a score. We tallied them up and our top ones made it on to the bucket list.

At the beginning of June I shared a photograph on Instagram of the makings of our summer bucket list. I gathered up some Project Life cards from my supplies, added each item to a card and added in a couple decorative cards. I used some mini clothes pins to attach them to bakers twine and we hung them in our kitchen.

bucket list 1

I love that it was a group effort coming up with the ideas. I love how we decided to track them and display them. I love the intentions we made together as a family.

There were items that would involve just me and Lance (Randy ate the cake pops!) and some that would be just Randy and Lance. For the most part they were adventures as a family. Intentionally bringing us together was one of the cool things about doing this.

Every week when I’d print photos for my Project Life spreads I would also print any photo that corresponded to an item on our list. Along the way I’d add the photos to the cards. It was fantastic watching the cards fill up as the summer went on. It was awesome how many times each of us would stand and just look at it!

bucket list 2

As a group we decided one wasn’t feasible this summer. Imagine Buddy on a full day road trip and then being calm and peaceful while we enjoy God’s majestic creation of Mount Rainier. Probably not going to happen! A couple items were better suited for fall. We’re still planning on making chicken pot pie and going to the local observatory. And we even added one along the way.

bucket list 3

Love this concept. Love that we did some things we might not have otherwise done. Love that we have these summer memories documented. I was going to take it down to photograph it for this post but we’re still enjoying it up. When we’re ready I’ll take it down and slip them into PL page protectors and slide them into my album. But for now, we see it as soon as we enter our home and it makes me smile. It’s stayin’ for awhile.

Goodbye summer. You will be missed. You were healing. You were filled with goodness. And now I’m ready to embrace the new season. Let’s do this, Autumn!

2 thoughts on “our summer bucket list

  1. Love this! We did a summer bucket list but I was the one that chose what we did and we didn’t display our journey in our house. Maybe next year!

    P.S. I love your house!

  2. This is not only memory keeping, it’s life affirming! It’s the hope, promise and making dreams come true of the every day. I positively love it! The cards are such a great idea to continue to document for your Project Life. And they look adorable above the doorframe in your beautiful home. And I bet you can extend this summer bucket list to cover more of the seasons! 😉

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