project life – week 37


Welcome to Project Life – Week 37!
This week I documented a “Week in the Life.” I first did this project and made a scrapbook album filled with words and photographs back in 2008. I love this concept from Ali Edwards.

When I saw this post from Elise Blaha Cripe I loved it instantly. Positively genius! Credit goes completely to her for how I wanted to incorporate my Week in the Life pages into my Project Life album.

Originally my plan was photos and words. I think that’s really the intention of the project. As the week went on I could tell I wasn’t feeling very wordy. Mid week I thought I’d be filling in the blanks with filler cards and maybe a card each day with highlights of the day. After the week was over I realized I had more photographs than I initially thought and decided to let my photos tell the story of the week.

For either end of the spread I chose two of my favorite photographs from the week. The one on the left is a photo from home one evening as I was making dinner. The one on the right is from an evening I spent with my dad while the boys were gone camping. One of the cool things about this project this week is that it encouraged me to get out my DSLR camera. I’ve become dependent on my phone camera. And while it’s great and super convenient, it was good for me to get out the big camera again.
week 37

The intro page includes some random favorites from throughout the week.
WITL intro

And the daily pages.
WITL 9 10
WITL 11 12
WITL 13 14

That wraps up this week in our life. Super happy with how it turned out. I used a few cards this week from the Midnight Edition. The core products I use in my Project Life albums can be found here. Project Life was created by Becky Higgins. You can find out all about this awesome approach to memory keeping here.

3 thoughts on “project life – week 37

  1. First of all, the end pages are STUNNING! Classic you, my friend! I still can’t get over how you trim them perfectly to fit the sections. You inspire many, for sure. Not being a Project Lifer myself, I like that I get to see how a “week in the life” translates from a concept to the page. Memorable in so many ways! I had to chuckle to myself when I read about using your DSLR. I know exactly how you feel. The convenience of our phone cameras is perfect for the every day, but taking out the dslr, swapping out lenses, framing that perfect shot composed in your head, it’s a skill I wouldn’t want to lose.

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