Lance’s Project Life

LJS PL sneak

Today’s Project Life post is brought to you by Lance. Take it away, Lance!

Hi! I’m 10 years old. I started Project Life over the summer. It’s very enjoyable! I’m using Project Life kits and a PL Mini Album. These first pics are of the coast and my birthday party.
These second ones are mostly about camping with my friend Mason and in Missoula, MT with my Aunt and Uncle.
I’ve got more to share soon!

3 thoughts on “Lance’s Project Life

  1. Hi, Lance! This is Ana, a friend of your mom’s. She’s shared her project life with me for a couple of years now. I was excited to hear that you had decided to start your own memory keeping as well as continue to contribute to the family albums. I know it’s fun for her to have this in common with you. Thanks so much for posting your pages. I love the cards and photographs you’ve chosen. Such good times and that’s just from one summer! FUN! I’ll look forward to more. No doubt you’ll inspire many!

  2. So cool Lance! This book is definitely something you will cherish in the future. Loved the part about going to Missoula, MT. I’ve been wanting to take my dad there for a few days. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Lance! I found your mom’s blog from Becky Higgins website and love your project life pages. I think it’s a great idea that you use the mini book. My 10 yr old daughter loves to take pictures. You’ve inspired me to get her a book so she can keep her memories like you do! Thanks for sharing!

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