what works for me – part 1

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With lots of Project Lifers sharing their plan for 2014 I’ve thought about what really works for me and what doesn’t. I’m sharing a few of my thoughts in this post and a couple upcoming blog posts. There’s just a little about my process in this content. If you’re interested in anything about my process (there’s not much!) please feel free to ask and I’d love to share in a future post.

1. I keep my album out.
Keeping my album out works for me. When I first started Project Life in January 2012 I tried the album in different places around the house including spots in the kitchen, dining room and study. It found a home in the study and the album that’s in progress has stayed there ever since. It sits on top of a little hutch that sits on the desk. I love having it out for a few reasons.
(photo from early spring 2012)
First it makes it easy for me to slide journaling cards into pockets as I write them throughout the week. I leave it open, however, to last week’s completed spread.
That leads me to the second reason I love having it out. I love seeing our days reflected back to me in this way. It’s an open reminder of the goodness + blessings our everyday life holds as I pass by this space many times a day.
(Lance looking through some pages and a spread in progress on the desk from July 2013)
The last and probably main reason I love having it out is that the rest of my family has easy access to it. I can’t even begin to tell you how often I find them standing here looking through it, especially Lance. I truly feel that through this documenting of our lives he knows his place in this family is important. He knows the little things matter. He knows we have much to be grateful for. He knows he’s valued. He knows he’s loved.

Thoughts #2 and #3 coming later this week.

2 thoughts on “what works for me – part 1

  1. Wonderful idea! I agree that it’s so important to keep these albums visible to our families (in progress and finished too). Huge congratulations to you on being part of the 2014 PL CT! 🙂

  2. Love this! Looking forward to getting to “know” you over the year as you share your pages and process – congratulations! Over from Becky’s blog, btw 🙂 – Nathalie

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