what works for me – part 2

blog post 5 PL

I really want to emphasize that these are thoughts that work for me. In no way do I think it’s the best way, I just want to share some ideas that have connected with me. So, on to thoughts #2 and #3.

2. I generally don’t edit or post process my photos.
My one exception to this is some phone photos that I’ll edit right on my phone, usually to lighten the photo through Pic-Tap-Go. I adore the beautiful photography I see with gorgeous post processed images. I know some people really enjoy that process. I’ve realized that it’s not my forte. And I’ve always been a fan of images straight out of the camera. For Project Life it simplifies the process. Upload photos from my camera and phone. Print. And done!

3. I generally choose 1 core kit to work with per spread.
Now everything has exceptions, : ) so it’s not my law. But what works for me is to stick with 1 kit per spread. Not a whole year, or even a month. I love the variety. I love the mix of colors and a change inspires me and keeps it fun.
Sometimes I’ll choose a kit at the beginning of the week, like all these weeks that I’ve been hooked on the Sunshine Edition! I’ll pick out a handful of cards, leave them on my desk and jot down notes directly on them during the week. Then I’ll slide them into the pocket page protector.

If I don’t know at the beginning of the week which kit I’ll want to use I keep a piece of scratch paper handy at the desk and write notes / thoughts on that during the week. Then I’ll sit down and transfer those notes onto cards when I pull the spread together the next week. The designers of these kits have done all the work for me! Everything coordinates beautifully. I don’t have to think about it. It comes together effortlessly and looks fantastic. It was simple and keeps it fun!

Thoughts #4 and #5 are short and sweet, coming next week!

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