what works for me – part 3

blog post 5 PL

Not only are these two things that I think about with Project Life but both are things I really try to live by. Simplify and have fun.

4. Don’t over think it.
Both #2 and #3 really fit into this thought as well. Another example is at the end of the week as I go through my photos I’ll pick my favorites and those that tell the story of our week. Based on the orientation of the photos I’ll choose the page protector that fits the photos I have. Generally I take photos in landscape mode but not always, sometimes a vertical photo tells the story better or just looks better. I can slide that into a 3×4 pocket or I can print it 4×6. With all the variety of page protectors there’s always a combination that works.
vertical pp
(an example of Design B from May 2013)

5. Have fun!
After I tell someone all the things I love about Project life and all the reasons I think it adds value to my life and my family’s lives, the last thing I find myself saying is “… and it’s just so stinkin’ fun!” Enjoy the process. Have fun!

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