project life – week 50

week 50 sneak

Welcome to Project Life – Week 50! 50! Week 51 is also finished, I’ll be posting that soon. Week 52 will run through the 31st and is in the works on the desk. As far as my approach to Project Life 2014 I plan on keeping things pretty much the same. It works well for me, I love the process and the completed pages. So why mess with a good thing, right? : ) If there is anything you would like to see as far as my blogging about it, I’d love to know. Please ask or share in the comments.

This was a week with fewer photographs than some. When that happens I consider combining two weeks into one spread but decided in this case to enlarge a photograph I had taken that week of the sunset. I am drawn to the sunrise and the sunset. There is something so amazing about the dawn of a new day and nightfall at the end of it. The rest of the week pretty much speaks for itself.

Is it me or does this Sunshine kit look like summer goodness, at the beginning of winter, on a page. OK, it’s me. I just can’t help but love it. The full 2 page spread. You can click on the photograph for a clearer image.
week 50 on background

And each individual side.
week 50 L
week 50 R

The kit I used this week is the Sunshine Edition. You can find a Project Life retailer here or find the entire line of products here. Project Life was created by Becky Higgins. You can find out all about this awesome approach to memory keeping here.

5 thoughts on “project life – week 50

  1. Hey Annette! I love your layouts. I’ve just bought the Sunshine kit for my 2014 album so am really interested to see your layouts using this kit – are you going to keep using it next year? I’m trying to connect with other bloggers who will be using this kit for at least some of 2014 to share ideas and inspiration. I adore it, it’s so bright and exciting 🙂 I’m hoping to blog more about my PL this year too. I always start with good intentions and never get past January or February… I’m hoping this year will be different. I love your simple approach to PL & am looking forward to reading your blog this year to see what you come up with!

    • Hi sleepydwarf! Thank you so much! Yes! I’m with you, I absolutely love this kit and will be definitely be using it some in 2014. I knew I’d like it when I first purchased it but had no idea how much I’d REALLY like it! : ) I plan on using a variety of core kits but I’m certain I’ll be using this one a lot. I wish you the best as you start this year. I’d love to hear how it’s going for you and am cheering you on!

      • Thanks Annette! I just wrote a blog post on how I always start the year with PL with a bang & then sort of fade out by February. I really want to keep up with doing it AND blogging it this year. I want to keep it as simple as I can so I don’t have to spend too much time on it, so it doesn’t end up becoming a chore that I get sick of.

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