Lance’s Project Life

Lance PL sneak

Lance is guest posting again today with a couple more of his Project Life layouts. Take it away, Pal!

Hi! It’s me again. I’ve been looking forward to sharing more PL with you. The top layout includes photos of my soccer tournament in Spokane. The bottom one includes photos of a fishing trip to a local lake and my new amazing bike. If you are wondering, the top right photo on the bottom layout is a screenshot of a game called Hay Day. I’d suggest it if you like games that include farming and improving your farm. (You can click on the photograph below for a clearer image.)
Lance PL

I hope you like my Project Life spreads! Thanks for taking your time to look at my Project Life. (Lance used the Cobalt Edition and the Midnight Edition in these layouts.)

5 thoughts on “Lance’s Project Life

  1. Lance~This is fantastic! You write beautifully and I feel like I was with you at your events. I LOVE your sense of humor, By the way, “Did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?” (ha ha) I also love that you have developed a habit of gratitude~learned so beautifully from your mom and dad and Pop and Nan and all those you hold dear! Project Life makes you so aware of all the good that happens each week. I am so proud to be your friend, Lance! Love you lots!

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