project life 2014 – week 4

week 4 sneak

Welcome to Project Life – Week 4! Highlights from our week included the Free Dental Day at my work and Lance getting his braces. The journaling card on the far right consists of some of the items we typically buy and a couple other cost related things. I’ve included a card like this a couple times over the years and I think it will be fun over time to look back on them.

The full 2 page spread. The page layout design on the right is Design Y from Small Variety Pack 6. I love that there are so many combinations of styles. I like that I can see what I’ve got for the week in the way of photographs and always find something that works. You can click on the photograph for a clearer image.
week 4 on background

And each individual side.
week 4 L
week 4 R

The kit I used this week is the Sunshine Edition. You can find a Project Life retailer here or find the entire line of products here. Project Life was created by Becky Higgins. You can find out all about this awesome approach to memory keeping here.

4 thoughts on “project life 2014 – week 4

  1. I really love the card with the prices of things today. Great idea for the future~looking back! So many special moments caught on these two pages. Praying for your trainer~wish I could bid on the gift basket~sounds wonderful! Love to see the way you love the world, one week at a time!

  2. Yes, love the price card. Such a good idea! So sweet of you to put together a care package who is having a bone morrow transplant. I know your friend will really appreciate it.

  3. Hi Annette! Love your sunset picture… I need to watch out for more opportunities to get some of those. Glad to hear Lance’s teeth are feeling better after his first week in braces!

  4. Cheers to your young man on doing so well with his new braces. He’s smart, athletic, brave and so loving! And he has shining examples in you and your husband as we see in the stories shared this week.

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