Lance’s Project Life

end august september sneak

Lance is guest posting for me today with two more of his Project Life layouts. It’s all yours, Pal!

Hello again! I’ve had these layouts done for awhile but we haven’t posted them yet, sorry about the wait.

The first one includes the water park and the first week back to school. In the second one I came up with a new idea to number my pictures and write a corresponding journal card. During the school year I decided to do a monthly spread. It has Dad and me going camping, making salsa, and I started the Harry Potter series. Also during September Mom and I went to help at Craft Warehouse at a Project Life make & take.
end august

Hope you enjoyed them. PS: I’ll try to make the wait shorter before sharing my next spreads.

Okay, I’m done now. Bye!

Note from Annette: Lance is using the Project Life Mini Album. He used the Kraft Edition and Seafoam Edition in these spreads. I love that he decided to make this album work for him by going to monthly spreads during the busy school year. Further proof that you can make it anything you want it to be and totally work for you. : )

5 thoughts on “Lance’s Project Life

  1. This is great, Lance! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂 My 9-year-old son has a mini-album and the Wellington Childhood Mini Kit, but we have yet to put it to use. Annette, what (if anything) do you do to help keep him going with his book? Do you remind him to take photos, print photos, etc.? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Jenny! Great questions! Lance starting his own Project Life album was something I never really considered. Out of the blue one day he was all enthused about getting a mini album and starting. He had a game plan from the get go of how the layouts would look and how he would go about it. I absolutely think, with him, that since it was his idea he’s motivated to keep it going. I offered up the use of all my products and helping him getting photographs printed. I help him go through photographs when he asks and we print them together. I hope that answered your question! If you still have any let me know! : )

  2. Hi, Lance! It’s always fun to see your PL weeks whenever you’re able to share them. Don’t feel pressured! I think it’s wonderful that you’ve decided to go with monthly spreads during the school year. It’s a nice reminder that memory keeping should be fun and flexible. Totally digging that you and your dad have been hard at work building a kayak rack and you’ve gotten out on the water. We have an old canoe that we finally took out recently after years of moving it from place to place. It was so much fun we’re ready to go back out, especially before it gets too hot in our corner of the world. Thanks for giving us a glimpse at life from your perspective. You inspire many!

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