project life 2014 – week 20

week 20 sneak

Welcome to Project Life – Week 20! This week I used the new Aqua Edition Core Kit. Loving it! I love the bright + happy colors and I love all the white journaling space. The page protector on the left side of this layout (the backside of last week’s right side) is one of the new page protector styles from Stampin’ Up! I really like the layout of it.

I’d love to know if there is anything you’d like to see included in these Project Life blog posts. I initially started this blog to share Project Life pages. Since you’re here you already know how passionate I am about this memory keeping system. I feel like when I write about the spread and what’s included in our week it is repetitive since you can already see those details easily. So, please, ask away. I’d be more than happy to change the format of these posts or the information if it would be more helpful or fun. : )

The full 2 page spread. You can click on the photograph for a clearer image.
week 20 desktop

And each individual side.
week 20 L
week 20 R

The kit I used this week is the Aqua Edition. This edition is currently exclusive to Hobby Lobby. You can find a Project Life retailer here or find the entire line of products here. Project Life was created by Becky Higgins. You can find out all about this awesome approach to memory keeping here.

2 thoughts on “project life 2014 – week 20

  1. This is such a fun kit! Now I don’t know if I should get Aqua or the Strawberry edition. Decisions, decisions…. ha! And you’re right, I love the page protector you used on the left side. Will this only be available at stampin’ up?

    • Hi Megan! It is a fun kit! I know you’d love either. Or both! : ) The Strawberry Edition feels a little more formal to me and the Aqua a bit more playful, if that makes sense. Though both are very colorful, the Strawberry is a bit more feminine and the Aqua more neutral and more varied in color. As far as filler cards, the Aqua has lots of quotes if you like those. Great question about the page protector from Stampin’ Up. I’ll see if I can get an answer for you on that.

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