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Welcome to some pages made with the Project Life App! With the launch of the Project Life App this week I thought it would be fun to dedicate this week’s post to a few pages we made while I was beta testing the app. You can check out some Q + A here regarding the app. For specific questions I’d be happy to try to answer here within the comments or you can email

Will this be my new way of memory keeping? Not for now. I’m still percolating a few ideas for 2015 so we’ll see where that leads me. It’s awesome for making 2 3×4 photos on to 1 4×6 template for printing. I’ll likely print a couple 12 x 12 pages I made with the app so I can see if that’s a path I want to pursue. For now it’s just super fun to play with!

This was a layout I made just after I got the beta testing app. I combined cards of our completed summer bucket list items made from the Collect Photo App and cards within the Project Life App from the Midnight Edition. Love the combination of these two together. A lot!

This was a layout Lance made on a road trip. He asked me if he could try the app. Within a matter of just a few minutes he had this made using photos from my camera roll and cards within the app. Fast, fun and so cool!

I was trying out the different templates / collages in the app. This was one I made that I titled “then & now”. If you’ve known me for any length of time you know that I love these kinds of shots that showcase photos from the past and present. I adore this one. *insert heart icon.

And speaking of photographs of then and now… this is a page I made featuring Lance’s first day of school shots from his Pre-K year (check out those bare feet, what was I thinking?!) through this year, his 5th grade year. Initially unintentional there at the front door but I love that I’ve continued these at that spot. Wondering where we’ll be and how willing of a subject I’ll have in his high school years.

Lastly, a page I made just playing with one of my personal favorite kits within the app, the Plus One Edition. I pulled photos from my camera roll and photos that I’ve synced to my phone from my computer. Love that kit and I love these photos all together in one place paired with the cards.

You can download the app here. Have fun with it!

7 thoughts on “project life app

  1. Thank you for posting how you used the Collect app for Project Life. I just did a blog post about that yesterday. I’m going to be using the same kind of idea to create an album of photos I took using the Capture Your 365 photo prompts next year.

  2. I tried using the app. I wanted to love it like everyone else. I had high hopes of getting caught up quickly but it’s not feeling right to me. My best pics are on my phone – but the tiny phone screen is too small to manipulate the page grids (for me). Plus I like doing a 2 page spread at once. I love your pages. I love how bold and graphic the always are. I now love your idea of using the app in other ways (incorporating as pieces of traditional PL). Can’t wait yo see what you have up your sleeve.

  3. I just downloaded the Project Life app and made a page in about 10 minutes. I am looking forward to using it on a roadtrip we have planned this fall. I was not familiar with Collect Photo App so I looked it up in the app store. The reviews seem to indicate problems with the most recent version. Any comments

    • Hi Jean! I think it’s perfect for a road trip. Journaling + documenting on the go – perfection. We have an upcoming trip and I’m thinking I’ll do the same thing. I don’t use the Collect Photo app regularly. I’ve loved it for the few applications I’ve used it for. I haven’t used it since the update so I can’t give you any feedback there. Good luck if you try it!

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