project life 2014 – week 38

week 38 sneak

You guys. I might be converted yet. Welcome to Project Life – Week 38! I did all these journaling cards on my phone. On the go. At the spur of the moment when a thought hit me. Or laying in the comfort of my bed. Most of the photographs are ones I took with my camera that I downloaded to Dropbox. From there I brought it all together in the Project Life App. So easy. Everything was already done when I went to put it all together and came together super quick. For my physical album I printed the photographs as usual. Within the Project Life App I used the 4×6 collage templates and added 2 journaling cards to each of those. Printed those, cut them and slipped everything into the page protectors. I love the way the finished pages came out.

On a side note – I also love how easy it was to incorporate Randy’s and Lance’s perspective this week. I simply said tell me about your trip to Pierce (Randy) and tell me about your game today (Lance) as if you’re writing a journaling card. When they were ready I turned on the microphone (Siri) on the phone, and let them tell their story. I took a minute to format it and it was done.

The full 2 page spread. You can click on the photograph for a larger image.
week 38 desktop

And each individual side. The left side is a Design A Photo Pocket Page Protector and the right side is Design Y.
week 38 L
week 38 R

The cards I used this week are from the Sunshine Edition. You can download the digital cards here. You can find a Project Life retailer here or find the entire line of products here. Project Life was created by Becky Higgins. You can find out all about this awesome approach to memory keeping here.

4 thoughts on “project life 2014 – week 38

  1. Finally! Scouring the web this afternoon for projectlife app ideas and get here. And you journal!?!! Yay! And what a great idea, turn the mic on and let them talk. Genius idea, actually. As someone who journals a ton, especially compared to what I see on Instagram and on blogs, I very much appreciate your sharing of that great tip.

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