project life 2014 – disney week

disney sneak

Welcome to Project Life – Disney Week! You know I’ve been using my phone and the Project Life App for about a month. I seriously had no idea I’d get this hooked on it. And practically documenting an entire trip on the plane ride home? Yes, please! : ) Using the app on the trip home was made way easier possible since I didn’t take my DSLR with me on this trip. I used photos from my iPhone along with photos Randy and my dad had taken with their iPhones. Some of the quality isn’t as good, for sure, as it might have been with my camera but I’m OK with that. Sometimes it’s good to let go of capturing the perfect photo, enjoy the moment instead and capture the memory. And though I’m not great at photos with my phone (Randy is!) yay for the technology and ease we have at our fingertips.

disney 1

On a side note, this trip. This was a dream trip. We had the best time. We took advantage of the mornings into early afternoon hitting the rides. And I do mean lots of rides. We’d break for lunch and then maybe another ride or two. We stayed on the Disney property so mid afternoon we’d go back to the hotel and to the pools. My dad and I would sit and relax in the shade (cheers!) while Lance and Randy would swim. Then dinner and wander around and enjoy one of the parks in the evening. So good. It was action packed yet relaxing, and just so fun.

disney 2

Another side note. I’m throwing out a recommendation that was given to me just before our trip. It’s a website called Ride Max. It’s not an app but their web site has a mobile version and is super mobile friendly. There’s a fee to subscribe (less than $15.00 for 90 days) but honest to goodness, it’s worth every penny. It’s essentially a planning tool. You enter the park you’re going to, the hours you’ll be there, your breaks, the attractions you want ride and it sets up a custom plan. With minimal wait time! With the mobile version you can change your plan as you’re going about your day and it revises it for you right then. Plus there are tons of extra little tips specific to certain rides. Like for X ride when the line splits to the right and to the left, take the right line, it’s shorter and doesn’t wrap around the building. You get the idea. Oh, and another tip. The corn dogs at the Little Red Wagon in Disneyland. Ohmygosh. I’m not usually a huge corn dog lover but let’s just say I may have been there more than once. : )

disney 3
disney 4

The kit I used within the app this week was the Plus One Edition along with some of the Plus One Collection at AC Digitals. You can find a Project Life retailer here or find the entire line of products here. Project Life was created by Becky Higgins. You can find out all about this awesome approach to memory keeping here.

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